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Interviews: Cut Chemist / 03.27.18

Cut Chemist Interview

Turntablist and producer Lucas MacFadden is best known by his DJ name - Cut Chemist. We caught up with Cut Chemist after the release of his second studio album, Die Cut. Our discussion ranged from the new album to his record label and radio show - A Stable Sound, as well as his passion for International music.

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Project Updates: AirPocket / 10.10.17


Two of the biggest browsers in the world have decided to actively block autoplay for desktop users. Apple and Google have both announced plans to block unmuted autoplay of audio and video content within their desktop browsers. The reasons they have given relate to customer feedback about unwanted data consumption or power use while browsing...

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Project Updates: AirPocket / 08.16.17


This past June, KOTO Community Radio completed their first year of Telluride Bluegrass Festival coverage with AirPocket. Using a combination of visual and audio underwriting messages in their player during the live coverage, KOTO was able to triple their online donations from the previous year. As part of the run up to KOTO's festival...

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