Hi! We're Radio Rethink.

We believe community and public radio present some of the greatest music and stories in the world. Our tools help stations grow the largest audience possible.


A powerful new iOS app for community & public radio.

Built from the core of our AirPocket web-based player, the Radio Rethink app is a new resource for community and public radio listeners. Because we collaborate directly with over 70+ participating independent stations your listening experience includes the following features:

Ad Free - No third party lead-in advertising (like you get with TuneIn or other commercial aggregator services).

Playlist & Schedule Data - Live updating playlist and station schedule information.

CarPlay Integration - Easy navigation and display in your vehicle with CarPlay.

Save Presets - Just like your old-school radio tuner, lock in your favorite stations and scan your presets with ease.

This project with our friend Muddlegeist is just getting started, we can't wait to roll out more updates and features. Let us know what you think.

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Listen to live DJs

From Ambient to Zydeco, we take weird seriously. Explore Airbubble - the diverse freeform eclectic base camp of the Radio Rethink channel project. Our live DJs will bring you a selection of overlooked sounds from deep in the crates. 

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We're working on more channels. Listen as we develop Reggae, Dub & Ska.

Tools for public radio

We developed a mobile-friendly player for community and public radio called Airpocket. Our player allows radio stations to connect to their listeners on any desktop or mobile device. Airpocket is loaded with features including underwriting modules, playlist integration, listener analytics and more. 

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We also developed a four hour daily eclectic music syndicated show called Turnstyles.

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We offer our tools to any station that needs them, but they cost money to develop and maintain. To ensure these projects are available to everyone, please consider making a donation. Thanks!


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