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A new four-hour daily eclectic music program for community & public radio.

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Deeply eclectic sounds served up daily.

From Ambient to Zydeco, Turnstyles presents a unique freeform music mix. We dig through the deepest crates, curating an irresistible blend of exciting new discoveries and prized lost gems. Created by a team of passionate radio veterans behind the scenes and our hosts Joel Davis & Iris Berkeley - Turnstyles is a handmade mixtape of underheard, overlooked recordings made every day just for you.

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Show Overview

The show explores a wide range of sounds and is set up with a classic vinyl "A Side / B Side" philosophy. The two-hour A-Side is more low-key, while the "flip side" covers a more adventurous range of sounds during the later hours.

The Turnstyles mix spans multiple eras, styles and artists. For example, you'll hear Folk (Gillian Welch, Phil Cook), Rock (M. Ward, Courtney Barnett), Reggae (Holly Cook, Lee "Scratch" Perry), Latin (Bomba Estereo, Tom Zé), Jazz (Nina Simone, Jeff Parker), Afrobeat (Miriam Makeba, Fela Kuti), Electronic (Suzanne Ciani, Boards of Canada), Modern Composition (Mary Lattimore, Aksak Maboul), and (much, much) more. Host Joel Davis provides context and insight for listeners navigating this journey of musical discovery. We welcome your feedback.