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A powerful mobile-friendly player for community radio.

Put your station in your pocket

AirPocket is the Radio Rethink mobile-friendly player and is offered as a service for a minimal monthly donation to public and community radio stations worldwide. You can see it live in action by launching any of the participating stations from our tuner page or from our stations map. You can also explore a detailed list of features that our player has to offer.

We are on the look out for stations who might be interested in using the player. Currently, however, the player is in controlled availability as we secure extended funding for the project. If you would like to use the player for your station, please contact us to start the conversation.

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  • Mobile-friendly design works on desktops or mobile devices.
  • Underwriting module allows for visual or lead-in audio messaging.
  • Deep analytic analysis tools for understanding listenership and traffic.
  • RSS feed integration for highlighting existing news or blog content.
  • Alert and fundraising messaging module with expiration controls.
  • "Add to home screen" feature guides user through adding a station icon on their device.
  • Multiple feed capability for integrating additional broadcast sources.
  • Spinitron integrated schedule and playlist information.
  • Album art feature pulls in an album cover during music programming.
Lean & Mean

Our battle-tested code responds in milliseconds and scales to handle heavy traffic. Our work on the backend creates a speedy user experience on the front end.


The flexible design of our player allows it to adjust to a variety of device dimensions. We use audio playback features that work cross-platform to reach all of your listeners.

Next Level

Grow your listenership with expanded accessibility to your live stream and audio or web content. Grow your revenue with a suite of underwriting and fundraising tools.

  • Customer Testimonial
    WFMU Ken Freedman

    The Radio Rethink player looks better and works better than the player that we had designed ourselves, and comes with a huge array of super-useful stats. Plus Matt and John have no agenda other than helping community radio.

  • Customer Testimonial
    KDHX Kelly Wells

    Radio Rethink has allowed to do as the name suggests: rethink how we provide online and mobile streaming to our listeners. As a result, our listeners enjoy an enhanced experience with our digital platforms. Our online listener base is growing thanks to the community-minded folks at Radio Rethink!

  • Customer Testimonial
    KGNU Tim Russo

    Radio Rethink has proven to be a powerful and effective online listening tool for our station. Its classy, easy to use presentation and flexible back-end and administrative tools make this a natural addition for impactful digital distribution.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Radio Boise Wendy Fox

    Radio Boise had been looking for solutions to improve our digital experience. In order to support growth of our listener base, we needed a better mobile app or player. With modern UX, playlist and rss integration, and beautiful analytics - combined with a focus on community media - we are more than excited to share the Radio Rethink player with our audience.

  • Customer Testimonial
    KDNK Gavin Dahl

    The team at Radio Rethink is friendly, helpful and super talented. Our DJs and listeners love their tools and we can't wait to see what they'll do with real funding.

  • Customer Testimonial
    KOTO Corey Beaton

    The Radio Rethink player has greatly increased our online listener base, who are now all constantly connected to KOTO with just a couple taps on their smartphone. Along with the ease-of-use, the advertising features and announcement options are something we don't know how we ever got by without!