AirPocket Features

Mobile-friendly design works on desktops or mobile devices.

Allows for streaming on iOS / Android devices as well as any modern desktop computer. The responsive design of the player allows it to adapt to any screen size.

Underwriting module allows for visual or lead-in audio messaging.

The latest release of AirPocket is now equipped with a robust underwriting module. The underwriting module serves as a much needed means for adding additional revenue for stations. It can also be used as a tool to increase internal station messaging. The new module offers independently scheduled lead-in audio messages and visual underwriting display messaging.

The new feature comes with a number of analytic features to help your station. The reporting section of the admin suite allows you to view the number of impressions the message received as well as click-through tracking on any links contained in visual underwriting messages. Other tools in the admin suite help you identify the top slots in your broadcast schedule. This allows you to bring internal station messaging or external underwriting messaging to the largest audiences possible.

Deep analytic analysis tools for understanding listenership and traffic.

Analytic data in the content management system for your station lets you see a tune in graph of online listenership at 5 minute intervals, number of successful and failed tune in attempts per day, and a live updating map displaying where listeners are tuning in from. Additional tools in the admin suite help you identify the top slots in your broadcast schedule and analyze the impact of external underwriting or internal messaging campaigns.

RSS feed integration for highlighting existing news or blog content.

We have an option to include an existing RSS feed. This can also wrap mp3 files into mobile friendly audio players. There's also an analytic tool for those mp3 files that shows you the number of times a particular file was played.

Alert and fundraising messaging module with expiration controls.

Alert and Fundraising messaging built in to the tuner with a content management system that easily let's you post a message. Examples "Our streams are down!", "Link for Office of Emergency Management updates on the emergency", "Donate now during our fundraiser. Click here or call ###-###-####". An added bonus is that mobile devices can dial a phone number as a 'link'. These messages also have start and kill dates so you don't have to remember to turn them on or off.

"Add to home screen" feature guides user through adding a station icon on their device.

This feature guides the user through adding an icon for your station to their mobile phone or tablet. It makes it easier for a listener to launch your player in the future and gives you a bit of real estate on the user's device.

Multiple feed capability for integrating additional broadcast sources.

If you manage multiple content streams an icon can be added that allows the user to navigate between multiple player instances, essentially connecting all of your streaming stations within one interface. Additionally, you can take advantage of this feature to offer different bandwidth options.

Spinitron integrated schedule and playlist information.

Maintain your playlist and schedule data in one place. If you're already using Spinitron for your playlist and schedule data, you're done! The player will pull that data in live as it updates.

Album art feature display and full playlist.

During music programming, the player will pull in an album cover for the currently playing song. Additionally, a full playlist for each show is available.