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Radio Rethink + Conduit

Radio Rethink's John Schaefer begins curating mixes on Conduit's Music Discovery Service.


Radio Rethink's John Schaefer is contributing as a curator on Conduit Music - a human-curated streaming music service created to help listeners discover the overlooked and underrepresented music that falls through the cracks of modern algorithm-driven music discovery services. Conduit’s expert curators share genre-hopping mixes based on their extensive musical knowledge (and deep crates), crafting a sound that carries much farther than a set of limited pre-programmed constructs.

Conduit is a human-curated streaming music service created to help you discover the music you didn’t know you love.

If you enjoy the sounds of Radio Rethink's Channel One stream, check out John Schaefer’s curator page on Conduit. Conduit Music offers a unique approach to music discovery that we're very happy to be part of.

Here's an example:


Our collaboration with Conduit Music also includes features of Conduit's deeply eclectic musical offerings on the Channel One stream on two different shows. This Is Conduit highlights mixes from diverse Conduit channels such as SoulTerrain, UPBeats, Twilight, and GYSHIDO. TerraSoinc Rewind is a review of your magic carpet ride around the world of music, featuring highlight reels of the TerraSonic's original radio broadcasts.

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