Project Updates: AirPocket

KOTO Triples Fundraising with AirPocket.


This past June, KOTO Community Radio completed their first year of Telluride Bluegrass Festival coverage with AirPocket. Using a combination of visual and audio underwriting messages in their player during the live coverage, KOTO was able to triple their online donations from the previous year.

As part of the run up to KOTO's festival coverage, Assistant Manger / Music Director Corey Beaton was hard at work with Radio Rethink preparing for the event. Radio Rethink collaborated with Corey to apply our years of experience with live concert and festival coverage to enhance the KOTO player for Telluride Bluegrass this year. For the first time we integrated the Telluride Bluegrass Festival schedule directly into the player. The strategy was to help make the player an essential mobile-friendly tool, even for users who weren't using it to tune in. Festival attendees could easily check the upcoming line up and see where the breaks in the live performances fell throughout the event. "Everybody appreciated that!", said Beaton in a post event follow up with Radio Rethink.

During the festival coverage, KOTO's instance of the AirPocket player served up 42,931 sessions to 18,707 users with 63% of that activity coming from mobile devices. The combination of AirPocket's targeted visual underwriting and lead-in audio spots helped compliment KOTO's broadcast efforts and drive donations. KOTO's visual underwriting message linked directly to their donation page. That visual call to action was served up in conjunction with a well-produced short audio message that applied Radio Rethink's rules to only play once per hour per user. Using these tools together in 2017 was the first step for an improved festival experience for KOTO - both on air and for their budget.

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